About Us

About Us

Catholic Charities, Diocese of San Diego and Catholic Relief Services are excited to participate in the global campaign called “Share the Journey” launched by Pope Francis in September of 2017. The goals are to support immigrants around the world, to dispel fear of newcomers and to raise awareness of why so many people are compelled to leave their homes at this time.

We want to inspire individuals and communities to listen to the story of immigrants and refugees in their midst, fostering dialog and understanding among neighbors.

For the next two years, we’re inviting the residents of San Diego and Imperial Counties, particularly Catholics, to participate in this campaign. Throughout its modern history, immigrants from many countries have settled in our region, toiling day in and day out to build it into one of the great places in the world to live.

This page offers a variety of ways you and your community can Share the Journey of immigrants, enriching everyone along the way.

Immigrants and Refugees in our Region

Facts about Immigrants and Refugees in San Diego and Imperial Counties

Immigrants and refugees have deeply shaped our region since a Portuguese explorer named Juan Carrillo sailed into our bay nearly 500 years ago. Each new arrival has built a life here, and in the process has played an integral role in lifting the San Diego region into a dynamic, culturally rich area renowned worldwide. Here are a few facts to consider as you “share the journey” of our immigrant neighbors.

US Catholic Church Mission for Migrants

In advocating on behalf of migrants, immigrants, and refugees, it is important to understand that the Catholic position is based on Catholic social teaching, which is derived from the Gospels and the words of Christ