Perilous journey through nine countries

remove_red_eye 221 / Friday, Nov 17, 2017

Perilous journey through nine countries

Veroieu Milier, 45, worked in construction in Brazil for three years before the economy tanked. He saw no other option than try to reach his aunt in Miami.

For months he had traveled by bus, boat and on foot from Brazil through nine countries, crossing into Mexico and making his way to Tijuana. He escaped thieves, corrupt authorities and the punishing environment.

“In the jungle, robbers would even steal food from babies,” he said.

Milier stayed in Tijuana shelters for two weeks before being able to meet with U.S. immigration authorities, who detained him then released him in the fall of 2016.The staff of Refugee Services at Catholic Charities, Diocese of San Diego, arranged his lodging for a few days and his travel to Florida.

His faith in God sustained him through the ordeal.

“These people here don’t know it,” he said, pointing to his fellow migrants at a Catholic Charities office. “That God is with them, that God is with all of us.”