Get Involved


There are many ways to participate in the two-year Share the Journey campaign to welcome immigrants and refugees in our community and to promote their accurate portrayal.

Below, we’ve listed a few ways you or your organization can do so in the San Diego region. The idea is to create a space where migrants and refugees can share their story. Beyond getting to know your neighbors, such an opportunity has the power to illuminate the issue of immigration far beyond headlines or sensational sound bites.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Post a photo with outstretched arms welcoming your immigrant neighbors on your social media using the hashtag #sharejourney.
  • Invite immigrants and refugees in your organization or community to share their story of why they left their homeland and what their life has been like since then. These stories can be shared in formal meetings and forums or informal chats. Contact us at to help you get started.
  • If you’re an immigrant or refugee, share your story through this page. You can submit it in the section “Your story.”
  • Host a presentation at your organization or congregation about the local immigrant and refugee community. A representative from one of our participating organizations will be glad to come out and share local facts and stories. Contact us at for more information.
  • Tour our offices that assist refugees to settle in our area and learn firsthand about this community. Contact us at for more information.
  • Learn the facts about immigrants and refugees in our local region and share them with your network of family, friends and coworkers. You can find a fact sheet packed with this information in the “About” section on this page. Feel free to download it and share it.
  • If you’re Catholic, learn about the foundation for the Church’s position on immigrants and refugees and share it with fellow Catholics.
  • If you’re organizing a community event, invite us to participate so we can share information about the Share the Journey campaign.
  • Attend the events we highlight on this page that celebrate in one way or another the immigrants and refugees who call our region home. We invite you to share these events through social media, as well.

A link at the bottom of this page takes you to the national website, which offers more ideas of how you can participate in the campaign, along with a variety of resources.

Drop us a line and photos at to let us know how you Shared the Journey of immigrants and refugees in our region.